Unleash the power of Internal Combustion Engines! Master IC engine principles, design, and operation in our comprehensive course. Ignite your learning journey today!

Things you will learn & Key


  • In-depth Understanding: Grasp the core principles of IC engines.

  • Design Mastery: Learn to design efficient IC engines.

  • Hands-on Experience: Engage in practical projects and simulations.

  • Expert Faculty: Learn from industry veterans and academic scholars.

  • Flexible Learning: Study at your own pace with our flexible schedule.

  • Career Guidance: Receive guidance for career opportunities in the field.

  • Certification: Earn a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

  • 21 hours of video lectures

  • Lifetime LMS access for study contents

  • Study on mobile or laptop

  • Live or recorded sessions

  • Dedicated mentorship assistance

  • Industrial projects (1 minor+1 major)

  • Certificate of completion

  • Internship opportunities

Curated Curriculum

Approved By Industrial Expert

  • Engine Types and Classification
  • Engine Components and Terminology
  • Engine Operating Principles
  • Combustion Chamber Design
  • Engine Cooling and Lubrication Systems
  • Stress Analysis in Engine Components
  • Fuel Types and Properties
  • Combustion Process
  • Emission Formation and Control
  • Engine Power and Efficiency
  • Performance Parameters
  • Engine Testing and Mapping
  • Turbocharging and Supercharging
  • Variable Valve Timing
  • Direct Fuel Injection
  • Engine Management Systems
  • Sensor and Actuator Technologies
  • Control Strategies and Calibration
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Hybrid and Electric Powertrains
  • Sustainable and Eco-friendly Technologies

Advance plans

Choose your plan of action. Grow and ace with us.

IC Engine [SELF PACED] ₹5700

✅ Self Paced Learning Course for IC Engine

✅Learn Various Engine Models

✅Study IC Engine Systems

✅Discover IC Engine Applications

✅Work on Live Projects

✅Develop Skills with Practical Projects

✅Learn at Your Own Pace

✅ Get certified with us and stand out in the job market

IC Engine [MENTOR LED] ₹8500

✅ Mentor Led Course for IC Engine

✅Tutor-Led Study of IC Engine Systems

✅Mentor-Guided Exploration of IC Engine Applications

✅Mentor-Supervised Live Projects

✅Mentor-Assisted Practical Projects

✅Certification with Mentor Verification

✅Dedicated Mentor for Doubt Clearance

✅ Regular Doubt Clearing Session to ensure you have the opportunity to ask questions

✅ Our Experienced mentors will provide personalized feedback and support to help you succeed.

✅ Become a part of an invaluable network and connect with them.


For your dedication and commendable efforts to learning, for completion of the training as well as the projects accurately and within the timelines given, you earn industry-recognized certifications.

On successful completion of your program, you are eligible to receive a certificate of completion from Vidhyashala

By taking an upskilling program with Vidhyashala and completing your program, you get your certification which has validity of a lifetime.

After completion of your program of entire training module and assessments, you are eligible to obtain your certificate from Vidhyashala.

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